Angelica Linao

An attractive and effervescent, if shallow and self-absorbed, young woman, identified as both flapper and hipster. Her paper was her dance floor and all she wanted was a reason to move her hands, like feet, in a helpless jive. I have the same name as some girls. And somewhere between wanting to be a criminal defense lawyer and wanting to not do crap with life.

I like the sound of rain while playing music, loud musics, mellow musics, distant thunder, the birds singing at night, and the crackle of dead leaves. I like to watch the trees moving silently in the wind through the window, rippling light on a surface, plants floating in the river, and a scenery of a sunflower garden. I like the smell of a cigarette, trees, hot chilli pizzas, chocolate bars, books, warm cats, and cinnamon candles. I like seeing the bright lights of the fairground in dark, an animal’s expectant eyes first thing in the morning, specks of dust dancing through the sun’s rays, and sweet couple lovers like they were filled with hearts all over. I like the sanctuary of a cool house in the middle of summer, a hot fire on a chilly night, and the tight embrace of a loved one. I like the feeling of grain running through my fingers, a comfy jumper on cold skin, and a hot bath on aching bones. I like the ethereal beauty of the nature, the moon, the sunrise, the ocean, a bouquet of sunflowers, a blanket of crispy leaves, and stars in a clear sky.

I enjoy photography, image editing, writing, brushing up my languages, singing, dancing, reading novels and scriptures, tweaking with HTML/CSS codes and Photoshop. and of course, blogging.