Angelica McGoogan

Artist and Aspiring Art Therapist in Napa, California

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An aspiring art therapist, Angelica McGoogan completed her initial undergraduate training at Napa Valley College in California. She began her studies with the intention of ultimately attending a school of studio art, but a general education course in psychology sparked a passion for that discipline. Angelica McGoogan has since changed her focus to psychology with a minor in art, while continuing to create new works in her free time.

As an artist, Angelica McGoogan prefers making abstract pieces using colorful Sharpie markers. She loves the vibrancy of the hues available in this medium and finds that the results align with the lively aesthetic that she desires. She is also fond of painting on canvas with acrylics and is an avid creator of crocheted items, having learned the craft as a young child. Now more advanced in her abilities, she has created and sold animal-themed hats through an online business.

Angelica McGoogan supports her art through employment as a server and bartender on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Committed to providing a high level of guest service, she has risen from her initial-hire role of steward three to the more responsible role of steward two.

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    • Napa Valley Wine Train
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    • Napa Valley College