Angélica Zamudio


I work for the improvement, organization of projects and strategies which integrate human rights, ecology, education and culture.

I am a mentor of youth and children with focus in arts and nature rights.

My main areas include: Human rights, Holistic Nutrition and Self Cultivation.


Human Rights and International Relations. Global & Political Studies. Malmö University Sweden.

Official translator. Swedish- Spanish. Spanish-Swedish. Foreign Office - 2012

Video and art performance. Önnestad Fskla. Sweden 2010.

Wanås Konstpark Castle. Assistant in the creation marketing and production of international exhibitions - 2010

Award to the best experimental short film and research. Kristianstads Stads Museum. Art & City- 2011

Participation and honorable mention in exhibitions serial Art & Nature. Avvika Gallery Kristianstad. -2012

A little bit about my vision:

  • Work
    • Human Rigths, Ecology & Culture
  • Education
    • Political Science
    • Human Resources