Angelic Lift

Director, Dancer, and Realtor in Lake Mary, Florida

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The Angelic Lift process involves the unique and trademarked use of Class II Intense Pulse Light applicators, which are attracting Miami and Orlando celebrities to get their anti-aging treatments at our South Beach and Lake Mary location to prepare for upcoming televised roles being recorded under the unforgiving lens of Hi-Def video.Our proven methods of non-invasive body contouring and facial reconstruction means that you will never go “under the knife” again. ‘The Angelic Lift’ consistently delivers the same looks that people enjoyed 10 to 20 years ago instead of a “frozen face” or “scarred bumpy belly.”The Angelic Lift process has been celebrated by school teachers to television / cinema actors and actresses alike as the go-to procedure in the 21st century for people wanting to affordably extend a career or undergo that “big mid-life procedure” heading into the 50s and 60s.”

Orlando Face Lift

450 St Charles Ct #1000

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Phone (407) 270-1439

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