Michelle L'Heureux Dearborn

Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Healer Coach in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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I am a Level VII Shaman through the Training in Power Academy, a licensed Spiritual Healer Coach and a certified Angelic Awakening Practitioner™. I have been guided to use my psychic gifts and passion to assist others by working with the Angels & helping my clients discover their truth.

I provide my clients with an opportunity to know what their own gifting is and how to get their own information. I also offer my services to assist them in clearing negative based energetic blocks that are keeping them from connecting with their Higher Power which can help them to feel more peace, love, joy and acceptance in their lives.

If you want change and a live more closely aligned with your Spirit’s reason for being here, contact me at angelicsupport@sasktel.net or 306-535-7889.

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