Angelie Catalan

Philippines, Manila

Hello, I am Angelie Catalan, the Author / Founder of the Forex Crib. I’m a Registered Nurse by Profession and a Graduate of one of the Top Nursing Schools in the Philippines. I am currently taking Financial Programming and Policies by International Monetary Fund, and Money , Banking and Finance in Barnard College , Columbia University.

Among other Financial MOOC’s that I took are Introduction to Financial Accounting in The Wharton School, Asset Pricing in University of Chicago, and Introduction to Finance in University of Michigan (With my all-time most Fave Professor, Prof. Gautam KauL). I am also a mainstay of Market Technicians Association’s Website as I study materials to become a Chartered Market Technician someday. And hopefully, I could also study and make myself eligible to take CFA as well (in time) ..

I know license will be helpful as I build not just the repute of my name but also of the market I’m currently in.And since I am also into Forex Education, my goal is to gear up the traders to find that strategy that they can call their own, and help them to become adaptive and resilient to the market. At times, this could also mean more mentoring engagement than trading ones. And I enjoy both, being a trader humbles you being in the market, and being a mentor humbles you as you become a student of various wonderful trading set-up.

I also wish I could help a lot of individuals do forex trading, and trade money with due diligence. There is so much future in here and so does are risks. Well, if we can’t get rid of the risks, we manage it. And, you don’t have to trade it alone. I wish to bring a community of traders that is willing to lend their helping hand to each other. I wish it be done everywhere in the Philippines, in God’s Grace.