Lika Joenathan

Property Manager, Loan, Transaction & Escrow Coordinator, and Admin/Office Coordinator in San Diego, California

Lika Joenathan

Property Manager, Loan, Transaction & Escrow Coordinator, and Admin/Office Coordinator in San Diego, California

I am a result driven professional and like to see the world through the eyes of others: enhance the power of communication by its unique perspective to a multi-ethnic public.

Strong Eastern European education topped off with valuable multi-cultural work ethics. Communication skills in English, Ukrainian & Russian languages.

Background: Real Estate Sales, Office/Property Management, Entrepreneur, Mortgage, Marketing.

Education: Legal Foundations of Entrepreneurship Security at Law University of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Having an extensive experience in Real Estate Sales and Finance, Property Management, Business Office Management, Marketing, and Retail Management with total over 15 years of office experience enabled me to develop professional ethics and excellent customer service skills.

My organized, detailed-oriented nature and self-motivated attitude makes me a good team player. I take ownership of tasks quickly, I am a creative problem solver, and have a good grasp on current and related technologies. The strength of my ability to identify current and emerging issues helps me to stay focused on solutions and achieve outstanding results.

The combination of my experience and high personal standards of honesty, integrity, courage, and adaptability to work in fast-paced, changing environments makes me a valuable addition to a team.

Born and raised in the area called “The Pearl of the Sea” aka Odesa, Ukraine – a multinational city, where I've learned several languages. After the break of The Soviet Union, rising economic inequality and hardship made it impossible for me to pursue an education. I had applied for student’s programs in Germany but ended up accepting a program offer in Indiana, USA. The Midwest is a quaint and friendly place to live and many of my clients became close friends. Because of the success I experienced in the Real Estate industry along with the majestic changes I enjoyed throughout the four seasons, I made the decision to stay in The United States. However, I missed the Black Sea very much and after visiting San Diego for a conference back in 2008 I was drawn to move closer to the ocean and my fav outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, boating, camping, playing tennis, and volleyball meanwhile building my sphere of influence and clientele.

I enjoy volunteering and helping others. My favorite places are Braille Institute of San Diego and the Balboa International Villages.

  • Work
    • Admin/Office Manager/Marketing
  • Education
    • Legal Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    • Real Estate Allied School