Angelika Christie ND

I was born in Germany right after the 2nd world, and moved to the Bahamas in 1978, where I still live with my Bahamian husband. Although I am blessed with 5 children (and 8 grand children), I only see them now occasionally, since they are all grown and left our nest. I studied mystical teachings and health sciences for the last 25 years. I studied with many teachers in the health and energy medicine field. My thirst for knowledge brought a wide horizon of possibilities into my field of awareness, together with a big toolbox of modalities and applications. I am an ND, a Nutritional Therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher for 18 years now, a Hypnotherapist, a Writer and Speaker on Health issues, a Coach, a Yoga teacher, and an avid reader of books related to the New Quantum Science of Biology and Spirituality. I love the works of Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton. At the moment I study with Craig Hamilton in the field of Evolutionary Life Transformation. Author of “Your Intelligent Cell” and co-author of 2 books, meditations and tele-seminars in production. Creator of Hand Meditation, which will be launched in Spring 2011 All of my activities -- my health articles in the local news paper, the radio shows about health issues, my speaking presentations to Service Clubs and Medical Discussion Panels -- all were stepping stone to what I will bring forward now and into the future.

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