Angelina Clack

Seattle, Washington

Angelina Clack

Seattle, Washington

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You're Face Won't Stick Like That!

I am an anarchist. I'm a natural born Tom Sawyer always looking for new challenges and ways to stave off boredom, which sometimes gets me in trouble and other times produces some cool results. It's only landed me in jail once, but the charges were dropped... kidding. I've been arrested a few times.

I have a horrible habit of putting my foot in my mouth or so I thought, it's not that I don't have a filter. I just prefer to call bullshit.

I think the world would be a little bit better if we were better humans.

Remember when it was normal to ask someone if they wanted to be friends? I'm pretty sure you'd get locked up these days for such an offense!

If you're a fellow rule breaker and want a new friend then say hello.

If you follow the rules and want a new friend then say hello. Don't say you weren't warned though.

It's not chaos. It's life.

Are you living yours?

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