Angelina Baker

The Netherlands

Communication is about making contact, not just about transmitting information. It's understanding another persons perception and finding ways to move them. As a graphic designer I want to move people and in the best possible way bring the message across. Researching, analyzing data, looking at a situation from different perspectives and involving others. These methods help form a base for solid concepts which translate to a visual strategy or identity.

I am fascinated by the concept of co-creation and am highly interested in socially engaged projects. The project Eclectis (Waag Society) in which I participated is a great example: youngster collected data from their living environment and used this data to create their own artwork.

My internship at Studio Lonne Wennekendonk gave me the opportunity to work on various projects, mainly in the cultural sector and increase my skills as a Graphic Designer.

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    • studio Lonne Wennekendonk
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