Angelina Castro

Social Media Tips to Supercharge Engagement

Being active on social media is an essential part of any marketing plan. Almost all business owners will have come to this realisation by now, so how can you reach your audience more effectively and stay ahead of the competition? buy real active instagram followers Although having more Twitter followers or Facebook likes than your competitors might make you feel superior, this is not necessarily the case. In reality, number of social followers is a vanity metric. The real value of your social media efforts lies with engagement. Higher social engagement means your audience is actually paying attention and receiving your brand message. It’s the metric that best measures the two-way conversation between brands and consumers. Higher engagement means better customer relationships. Number of followers does matter, but it’s finding the right balance of quantity and quality that will help you reap the real rewards of social media marketing. Creating social media posts for company on a daily basis can be a tough task. Obtaining engagement on all of those social media posts can be even tougher! Think outside of the box for a campaign that can create engagement while making your messaging more compelling to your audience.A relocation company recently created a mascot where the majority of the social messages will be coming from “Raffi The Relocator.” This has resulted in more engagement and fresh life for their social media channels.If you are an individual trying to get your message out and don’t want to seem too “salesy,” create a caricature of yourself and promote the social message in this form. You’ll see more interaction and people will actually be talking about all of your latest posts!Below are 5 social media tips that are designed to supercharge engagement and crank your interaction, traffic and shares up a notch.

Ask for content in a compelling way

You might remember what poor Domino’s went through a few years ago when a couple of not-thinking-straight employees posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how to cough on, sneeze on, free instagram followers app and otherwise molest an innocent pizza before shipping it out to the customer. The video went viral, but Domino’s handled it well. One of their innovative