Angeline Chen

Penang, Malaysia

Hi, very pleased to meet you! If your first thought about me is "is she Korean?", nope you are wrong. I am Chinese and I was originated from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and currently living in the Pearl of the Orient - Penang. Not sure where it is? Well, Google it up!

People are sometimes intimidated by me based from my height. Unlike most Asians that you have seen, I am 5"8 tall which I am very much proud of. I used to hate it when I was really young because I was constantly picked on and was called "The Flamingo" or "Giraffe."

I may seem like a party girl (used to be), but I enjoy doing simple things like going to the movies, to the beach, shopping, walking my dog, reading and others.

I am friendly, sociable, silly, wacky and a dog lover. I love music, dancing and singing. I've learned to play the piano, acoustic guitar and now picking up the ukelele.

I do enjoy writing which is part of what I do for a living but I only enjoy them during work and blogging.

The most important living things that I love the most is my family, the love of my life and my two dogs.

-Angeline Chen

  • Work
    • Assistant Manager Digital Marketing
  • Education
    • Mass Communication in Public Relations