Angeliqué S. Israel

Yes sir. I AM this bad in person. Eat your heart out.

♥ *Blackberry PIN: 321E5766*

I live life to the fullest :) I have my head on straight; I know what I want out of life and how to attain it.

I'm a true Caribbean girl, and I rep St. Vincent my homeland ALL DAY!! I love my family; I'm the glue that keeps us together :)

Model/Athlete/Student/Socialite/Writer (I'm not big and 5'10" for nothin');

The sort of girl that can kick your ass in sports during the day, and be the envy of everyone while I'm on your arm that night.

I'm probably the only well-behaved preacher's kid, lol. ♪ Music is my first love ♪

Anything else---ask about me