Angelique Jurd

Writer|Blogger in Auckland, New Zealand

Angelique Jurd

Writer|Blogger in Auckland, New Zealand

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A versatile and highly experienced print journalist and editor, I have a diverse background across multiple sectors. As well as strong editorial and management experience and the ability to work to strict deadlines and budgets successfully, I also have experience in marketing and stakeholder relationship management. A confident leader and team player, I am a skilled social and traditional networker with solid, diverse, and active networks both online and off.

In 2017 I will be undertaking a Master of Arts (English) studying transformative media. In plain English: I'm going to write my thesis on the impact of fan fiction in the Supernatural fandom.

I have tattoos, teenage offspring, a boyfriend, and am manipulated on a daily basis by five furry little terrorists masquerading as cats.

I write, read, watch movies and TV, listen to music, and have an unhealthy obsession with creating playlists in Spotify. I've been a Springsteen fan since I was 12 (don’t bother trying to figure it out, it’s a long time). I’m a Buddhist, a social media junky, and my spirit animal is the sloth. Most days I’m just running on coffee and weirdness, baby, coffee and weirdness. And yeah, I dance in my car. Nope I don't care that you can see me.

Chocolate is an anytime food.

I write about pop culture, fandoms, women’s issues, cats, and on occasion I also write fiction (some of it has even been published) and from time to time a bit of fanfic.

If you see me out in cyberspace, be sure to say hi.

See you further on up the road.

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    • Massey University, Manawatu