Angelique Tsang

Angelique Tsang started her career in corporate international tax law
at Deloitte in the Netherlands. After more than four years working
with global clients, she decided to focus her career on people and

leadershipissues.Guided by her passion for psychology and her
interest in the human dimension of successful corporations, she
switched intoexecutive search.While assistinga wide variety of
corporate clients to find director and board level executives,
she graduated from programmes in Relational Energy Healing (USA),
Family Constellations Professional Training and an organizational
systemic solutions training (UK).
Ever since 2002, she has been a prerouter with theindependent
route for Jungian analysts.

She has been organizing workshops, events and informal

meetups for a community interested in science and consciousness since
2008.In her workshops she blends psychology, spirituality and the
new sciences with (cultural) archetypes as found in modern pop-culture such
as movies, songs and books.

In her groupwork she guides participants to theirinner wisdomand guides
them to be a channel forcollective wisdom as to uncover and transform
(unconscious) dynamicsto deliberately create success in everydimensionof theirlife.