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Project Manager, Writer, and Mother in Toronto, Ontario

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Mona’s Secret Diaries Trilogy

Available in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Mona’s Secret Diaries Book One Shadows of the Past: The Chronicle Launched August 2020 is available on Amazon. Buy it now!

Mona’s Secret Diaries Book Two Shadows of the Past: Turning Point Launching Spring 2021

First time Author A G Elliott is releasing the first book of the Trilogy Mona’s Secret Diaries Shadows of the Past

Ms. Elliott invites readers to meet successful artist, millionaire and philanthropist Mona Amanda Johnson, looking out the window of her perfectly manicured lawn remembering her ten year old self; alone in the world after her mother’s sudden death. Mona must find a way to run her mother’s successful growing business and unlock the deadly secret’s that surround her family’s past and the Johnson women.

All Mona is armed with is her family’s secret recipes, her mama’s Dream Book, her loving and supportive extended family Mrs. Cooker, Ned, Jenney and the others. Mona sets out on an uncertain journey into the unknown on the River Grand of Life as her mama always called it. Join Mona on her journey with this page turner that will have you anxiously looking forward to the next book in the series of Mona’s Secret Diaries.

Ms. Elliott is also a mother of four children, grandmother of three, community activist, and volunteer. Ms. Elliott is also a business owner, curator and event organizers. Find about new Annual BAM STEM Scholarship 2021 in partnership with the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) www.jcaontario.og

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