Angel Chatter

Chincoteague, Virginia

Angel Chatter is a small line of jewelry and inspirational products from Chris Alexandria that are designed to uplift the spirit and heart. Informed by Chris' over 10 years experience as a certified healer and soul coach, we design pieces that empower each person to feel worthy of the life they desire. Our online store offers a way for our jewelry & gifts to be available internationally. Chris also tours the country displaying her jewelry at prominent trade shows and other events.

Jewelry Infused with Angelic Healing Energy
Every Angel Chatter product is individually infused with angelic energy by Reiki Master & Crystal Therapist Chris Alexandria. All Angel Chatter jewelry is made with natural-forming crystals and metals that are uniquely chosen for their therapeutic energy properties. Angel Chatter also leads intensive energy healing workshops and archangel readings that empower and provide deeper insight on how each person can pursue their dreams and passions.