Angel Lewis

Organisation. I can’t escape it. I blame my mum, she never forgets anyones birthday or anniversary, her christmas cards are usually writtend and ready to post in October. And I take after her.

My wife jokes that I have a timing plan for our lives together (well, to be fair I did have one our wedding, which I also planned).

That said I am not one of those organised people who just see deadlines. I know creatives need time to think about and craft an idea. And that is my job, to help creatives craft ideas; whether that is coming up with solutions, finding out about how something can be done, or just negotiating to get them that little bit more time to think.

I wanted to be a journalist. But I can’t write. However I am organised and highly logical, so I produce.

I have worked in advertising for over 10 years and have worked on many clients including automotive, telecommunications, tourism, FMCG, financial services, airlines, alcoholic beverages media and government including several UK product launches & re-brandings.
I have extensive print knowledge, the fundamentals of this I learnt in my earlier career in magazine publishing.

I have worked in ad agencies in Australia, the UK and Ireland and have set up operational systems in both publishing and advertising agencies.

My aim is to make all projects run smoothly and efficiently whilst producing amazing creative work which will be remembered.