Kathrine Bartmann

I am a very emotionally strong and adventurous individual. I grow from my experiences and allow then to shape me into a better more powerful person. I get along well with others. I'm very lively and fun to be around. I am committed to the things that interest me and always willing to help a person in need. Once I set my mind to something, I do not give up until I have completed that goal. I am always striving to learn more and gain further experience in a variety of different fields. My past experiences have further developed my skills and education, pushing me to continually grow as an individual.

My future objectives include:
-Obtaining my PhD in Psychology
-Becoming fluent in ASL
-Becoming a psychologist for deaf children

Work Experience:

My work experience varies over three different fields. The first field was working for my mothers business. During this time I gained many important skills and experience. This includes: customer relations, sales, product production and manufacturing, and cashier experience. The second field I was employed in was an accounting business. For the duration of this period, my experience and skills extended to filing, data input and secretarial duties. The third and last field I worked was in childcare. The experience I gained in this field was taking care of children and infants as young as one month old.


-Acting skills

-Intermediate in ASL

-Communication Skills

-Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork Skills


-Attention to Detail

-Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

-Integrative Learning Skills

-Mathematical Skills
---College algebra & trigonometry

-Personal integrity
---Positive work ethic
---Good attitude
---Courtesy & Honesty

  • Education
    • Advanced Regents Deploma
    • Currently attending Westchester Commmunity College
    • Double Majoring in:
    • Liberal Arts Math & Science
    • Liberal Arts Social Science