Consultant and Public Speaker in New York


Consultant and Public Speaker in New York

Movement Specialist.

Health & Stress Strategist.


I offer nonstop, hard charging, high performance, over-achievers and their organizations a new way of thinking about movement, health, stress, productivity and performance.

My focus is on the connection between the metabolic stress (fight and flight) response and metabolism (energy production); how chronic, prolonged, unrelieved stress can affect your health and metabolism. Moreover, how modern living stress trends including, deliberate sleep deprivation, chronic pain, and the overuse of prescription medications, can be crippling to your metabolism, making it nearly impossible to produce the energy needed to cope with life's expected and unexpected demands.

My decidedly unconventional approach to less stress, better health and more success, is centered around education; simplifying the science of stress, offering a deeper understanding of how the body works, and purposeful solutions to improve movement, energy, vitality, and resiliency.

My aim is in helping forward-thinking CEO’S, entrepreneurs, actors and athletes maintain a more sustainable level of health and success, through the uses of stress reducing, metabolism boosting nutritional therapies, innovative health-style interventions, and a more mindful mindset.




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