Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera

Interview with CEO Angel Rivera

Conglomerate Angel Rivera spends his time developing and managing multiple companies while inspiring others to succeed and change. Forward thinking and talented in various industries, Angel Rivera leads Vera Wear, a fashion entertainment company.

King of Fashion, Angel Rivera claims the throne with his unorthodox approached to fashion. “There no limits in fashion, I see it as art. Every piece is special and everyone observes it differently. I push the boundaries with my work and I want my audience to have a visual experience unimagined.” Said Rivera.

As the world focuses on the highly anticipated Vera Wear Project, a TV reality show, where hopeful’s battle on the runway and in the boardroom. “I am looking for a spokes model to represent my brand in various platforms, in the media, on the runway and in the boardroom. I want someone who is going to lead our model division and inspire others for generations.” Said Rivera.

Vera Cares, a private charity has been responsible for providing assistance to many homeless and families in need. What goes on behind the scenes the world never gets to see. Hours spent providing help to those in need is something dear to Angel and his team. “I don’t like talking about it because I don’t do it for recognition, I do it because it’s the right thing to do and people need it. I have been homeless before, I know how it is to have nothing.” Said Rivera. That is truly a selfless act.

The Vera team is small but Vigorous. “I have a few people that are in my circle. The one person that I consider to be my right hand is Sabrina “Egypt” Soto. Egypt is amazing not only is she the COO of Vera Wear but she is also the lead designer on my team. We are constantly deliberating coming up with unique pieces, her vision is impeccable. She is responsible for so much that goes on in Vera. I am fortunate to have her on my team.” Said Rivera

5 Million followers on Twitter, Vera Army as Angel Rivera calls it, composed of fans all over the world. “I love people, I truly do. Getting to know all of them is such an honor. I have fans in so many countries, it’s unbelievable. I am grateful for my supporters and have a responsibility to deliver the best work I can.” Said Rivera.