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Student in Piedmont, Italy

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Hello! My name is mary! Please read alllllllll of this (also No i do not actually live in italy heheh)

• I am 12-13, but im an age slider! Tht means sometimes My age goes waaaaay down and sometimes it goes a little up. My body is 14!

• im also a part of a system! But please remember tht I am my own person too!

• I like cute things and candy!


These r my ids!!

Me!! do Not follow if you think U are me

• Mary from ib!!

Also me! Pls ask to follow if U think ur me

• Hatsune miku (vocaloid!)

• giffany from gravity Falls!

• You watanabe from Love live sunshine!

• Hinata from Yanderella!

questioning! Pls ask to follow

• Kotoko utsugi From drae!

otherkin! ok To follow and pls mention it to me in ur dm!

• Angelkin


Before u follow

do not follow me if You are 18 or older or a nsfw Blog! and ask to follow me if you are 16 or 17 or go by the name aaren or mira!

These are my triggers! Please tag them with mary don't look on text (or in the location smth with my name in It if it's a picture!) It is very important that these are tagged

• Anything nsfw

These are things that make me uncomfy! Please tag them but if you forget, it's ok!

• Aaren /Finn/??

• Mira

(u can ask who They r)

once you've read this Please dm me a picture of me (Mary!) and the word "puppet" !!!! Thank u so much for wanting to follow me!!