Archana Warrier

Mumbai, India

I've lived in two countries and 3 states...houses? At least five if not more and the longest I've been in a place? 5 years. I've traveled so many times, that I feel most comfortable on an airplane, especially long distance flights. Watching the sun rise up or set has long become a hobby...attempting to capture that moment on paper, another. I discovered the wonders of writing stories at the age of 9...and telling stories, ever since I was a child. I can't think of a time when I'm not writing...except for when I'm reading....or sleeping. I'm attempting novels now and short stories and poems are always being created on the side.

Other than writing, I'm into languages and music. So far I have learned the basics of 3 languages excluding English and my mother tongue: Spanish, French and Korean. Hoping to learn more once my boards are done ^_^. Music for me is an international thing. I've heard Bollywood songs and American music most of my life, but now, I'm a big fan of Korean music my favourites being Super Junior and DBSK. I like listening to music of other languages as well including Japanese, Chinese and recently French and Spanish as well :)

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    • 12th grade-senior!!!!