tina delloro

Life is like a roller coaster that has so many ups and downs, it is your choice whether to scream or just enjoy the ride... When i was young i thought life is just as easy as counting 123 or singing abc. I remember playing a make believe that i am a princess, sometimes a model, sometimes a doctor, sometimes i pretend i have a grocery store and my favorite is playing with "lutu-lutuan". I recall almost every monday i am absent in school because all i want back then was to stay with my mom all day. I feel safe, happy and contented being around her. When i become a teen, istarted to be distant, there's so much emotions and confusions going on, always having tantrums. Sometimes i just want to stay home and compose songs, put a do not disturb sign, hybernate or just hide from everyone, simply not in the mood to mingle. Sometimes i want to stay out with friends till morning comes. I just dont care of other things in life. "Live while were young".

Now that i belong to the working polulation. I learned that life is not always as easy as i thought it is. Sometimes we have to experience failures to make us strong, when we fall we have to stand up faster and keep going on. It is ok to cry but after that, shed away those tears and move on. The world woudn't stop if you stop. Be strong all the time even if you sometimes feel vulnerable.