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• Ashley/Ash/Pinky Bisexual •

Greetings! Welcome to my BYF, please read all before following or interested in getting to know me.

•DO NOT follow if...

• You're biased, or closed minded

• Sends death threats/Negative indirects

• Harrassment towards me or any friends/followers

• You are prejudice against gender, race, sexuality, ect

• You're not active or will become a ghost follower

•DO Follow if...

• You're a fan of animation

• Show support and positivity

• You're a writer/artist

• You have original characters

• You roleplay

• Will interact with me


• Angelkin

• Barry the Chopper (FMA: Brotherhood)

• Vivi (Mystery Skulls Animated)

• Yukisada (Ice Scream)

• Fictionkin are mainly minor, but I DON'T mind doubles, feel free to tag me in anything


• Oingo Boingo

• Ariel Pink

• Melanie Martinez

• Lana Del Rey

• Marina and the Diamonds

• Soko

• Futurefunk/Vaporwave

•If you have any problems please DM me politely/Don't follow me at all

•I will only give out Skype/Kik if you ask/you're a mutual follower