Angelo Nodari

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer in Varese, VA, Italy

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I am a CO-founder and CEO of Forge S.r.l. As a PhD in Machine Learning and Computer Vision I have worked as Senior Research Software Engineer and as Project Manager in a price comparison engine online. I am member of the Commissione Indirizzo Scientifico at CRS Laghi.

Hobby: Japanese culture, sake, wine, whisky, food, coffee, BBQ, travels, movies, snowboard, rock and blues. (I am a Japanese Sake Sommelier and an Espresso Coffee Sommelier)

Specialties: Business Management, Project Management, Computer Software, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Content-Based Information Indexing and Retrieval, Computer Graphics, Mobile Applications

  • Work
    • Forge S.r.l.
  • Education
    • Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
    • Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico di Luino