bajet salazar


Hi! I am Bajet, a unique nickname given to me by my parents. My real name is Angelo Ruiz Salazar. I work as a cross-cultural missionary to the nation of Timor-Leste. As a missionary, I help people get into a relationship with Christ and enjoy their lives to the fullest through discipleship. I studied Development Studies at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas in the Philippines. I also underwent training at the Every Nation School of World Missions. I am an obvious and proud Filipino. I come from the City of Dasmarinas in the province of Cavite, south of Manila which is the capital city of the Philippines. I have a very strong sense of nationalism and it's very obvious in what I post and repost online. I also do worship leading, a little of online writing, a lot of cooking and a lot of other different things. I am the 2nd of six children of the late Angelito Sr. and Imelda. I have 3 great brothers and 2 lovely princesses. I got engaged last year and I'm getting married a few months from now to my lovely fiancee, Flor De Jesus. That's basically everything about me.