angelo cerantola

Visual Artist

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Angelo Cerantola is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from Italy. His work has been exhibited internationally and he's been involved professionally in fashion, advertising and music. His style is a colourful blend of traditional and modern techniques, with a strong emphasis placed on geometric shapes and polychromatic layers. He loves working with textures, subtle details and vibrant hues, finding inspiration in Classic and Modern Art, Architecture, Music, but most of all Science and Nature, which provide him with an endless source of fascination and wonder. After studying Art and living in London for many years he's currently based in his native region of Venice.

"My work is a constant exploration of themes that have informed and stimulated my creativity since childhood, such as nature and cities, dreams and the subconscious, spirituality and human evolution, classic art and pop culture.... I am fascinated by new technologies and the endless possibilities for creative expression they provide, that's why in my designs I tend to combine traditional elements with high-tech touches in a blend of drawing, photography and vector art. I am particularly drawn to the beauty of nature and I believe that most of my creations are simply a humble homage to its inimitable magnificence."