Angelo Cruz

Rio Linda ca


my name is Angelo and I am a funny, fun person to be around and, Currently my interest lead my path to digital photography. So currently I am taking online courses for photography of Pittsburg, And I am loving it just for the fact I am learning more about what I want to do for my career, But besides that I am a quiet person just keep to myself and love the outdoors and walking taking pictures anywhere I go usually but I plan on doing well with myself while going through school. As a beginner photography I have always been photogenic and loved to take pictures of pretty much anything, and at the moment I currently have a Nikon D5000 and on the way is a Cannon Rebel EOS T5 for my schooling so I can get some practice in but in the mean time while doing my online courses I will be trying to get people to practice on so I can get better at this and like they say practice make perfect right.

  • Education
    • Art Institue of Pittsburg