Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan

Resident Agent in Roseville, Michigan

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Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan was born in Detroit and this is the place from where he gained experience of the construction industry. He has remained proactive in carrying out change in Project Management development.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan has taken up great roles in leading companies as a leader in the Civil Construction industry.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan is familiar with the complexities of the business and his rich understanding has made him a successful construction businessman.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan is celebrated for his exceptional working abilities and for his experience that he gained by working at a very young age. While working as operations manager, he outperformed at various levels and has managed various operations.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan has multiple certifications to his name including OSHA 30-Hour Construction Standard Certification, Confined Space Certified, 40-Hour HazWoper Certified, and Past Corporate Chair of Freedom Institute.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan is an old member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Detroit and has remained proactive in terms of community services. He has remained an active member of various charities and community organizations.

Angelo D’Alessandro Michigan has outdone in various roles like working as a laborer, general superintendent, crew foreman, and site superintendent.