Angelo Evans


Angelo Evans

(Angelos Evangelopoulos)

is an artist from Thessaloniki – Greece. Born at Thessaloniki at 1974.

Lyrics & music & painting become his passion at very early age. At junior high school wins a Greek painting competition. His wining painting, is somewhere in Athens after the competition exhibition. He starts playing guitar & gradually stop painting.

When he was 16 he quits High school & moves to Germany alone & stay there for some time. He returns to Greece after a while & continues high school with I.T. studies & after graduation moves to Rodes for one year.
Later on, at late 90s he continues his I.T. studies at Thessaloniki again.

As he was studying he was also working as stage sound engineer & traveled all over Greece for gigs & collaborate with many well known Greek musicians & bands like:
Ksilina spathia, Maskes, Prassein Aloga, Nikos Papazogloy, Mple, Tsopana Rave, Roda tis Erimoy & many more.

Working later on as I.T. after his studies, didn't stop his creativity.
Music break through came after 2004, with the band "The Cab (gr)" after a music festival one of the three songs, Numb View, of their demo, starts playing at FM 105,5 Rock radio station. First time in the history of the station a song coming from a Demo, not only manage to get an air play at fm, but also hits no1. This open many doors, not just for gigs for the band, but also for many bands, as they start to send their demo to the station.

2007 the band stops for many reasons. Another band, Under Me, formed at 2007.

Always on the move, he starts filming gigs, interviews & music video clips at 2008. Working with bands was a natural environment after all those years, as he was some times on stage performing or others off stage, either as a sound engineer or filming.

At 2009 starts photography to perfect his video shoots. Playing music gives him a more rhythmic & intense video editing style.
Today he works as Cinematographer/Editor in various of projects all over Greece & some in near countries of Europe.

Never stopped writing poems, lyrics & songs until today.

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