Angelo Garofolin


I am a reformed corporate lawyer with a broad world view skewed toward innovation projects and client relations. I want to bring my legal expertise to the Australian innovation market and help out with transitioning startups and early innovation businesses.

I was born in Peru and I have lived in United States and Europe over the course of my career. I’ve been very lucky to experience first-hand how culture influences business relationships. I’m currently traveling through Australia over the next few months to uncover the next adventure. I’m looking to move to Sydney and put my legal background to good use in early innovation projects and startups.

I’m very fun to be around. I surf, which makes Australia the perfect destination for me. I’m also a house DJ and a music festival enthusiast. I’ve heard amazing things about Big Day Out. I’m definitely checking that out!

I’m actively looking for full time job opportunities in legal advisory, customer relations and project management. Check out the links below if you want to learn more about me - or ping me to have a chat. I want to get started!

Cheers - Angelo