Angel Aragón


Main expertise areas


Design of Strategic Marketing Plan and goal setting.
Design of BTL plans (merchandising, events, promotional campaigns).
Definition KPI’s.
Management teams. Leadership and motivation.
Prospecting customers and competition analysis.
Sales analysis.
Logistics management and point of sale promotional.
Suppliers management.
Control and monitoring of results.
Loyalty schemes.
Negotiation of large accounts.

Corporate (off/on line) and community management

Brand Management and Brand Content.
Business Social Media.
Communication annual plans.
Business Communications. Advertorials.
Departmental and multidisciplinary teams coordination.
Production (video, catalogs, corporate books, photography, fashion).
Press Releases. Copywriting.
Internal communication (host book, intranet, social networking, ...).
Media planning.
Web sites structure and framework.
Positioning and dissemination of web sites.
Management database.
Reputation management online.
Public representation of the company.


Corporate communicatión on-line/off-line courses (university, private academy, training companies).

  • Work
    • Marketing and Communications
  • Education
    • Ciencias De La Comunicación