Angelo Losavio

A fit individual, Angelo Losavio maintains good health through regular exercise. A cycling enthusiast, he rides more than 100 miles a week with his friends. Angelo Losavio goes jogging for cardiovascular fitness, and he lifts weights to maintain his strength. While people have run for centuries, the first notable event occurred when Pheidippides allegedly ran to Sparta to warn people of a Persian invasion at Marathon. Hundreds of years later, the first modern marathon race took place in Athens. Since then, running has become more popular, especially with the rise of the Olympics in the 20th century. Angelo Losavio understands the importance of selecting the right shoes for his jogging activities. Footwear helps cushion the feet during running. Selecting a shoe based on one’s stride also provides benefits. Most people run with their heels hitting the ground first so their shoes should support such motion. Running provides many health benefits, such as enhanced oxygen processing by muscles. The difference in oxygen consumption between runners and nonrunners is significant. In addition, Angelo Losavio has also heard that running burns a higher amount of fat than other exercises, such as biking or swimming. Some studies suggest that running burns up to 28 percent more fat than other activities and attribute this to the pounding that a body experiences during such workouts. Aside from regular jogging, Angelo Losavio has played semiprofessional football for a team in Albany, New York, and worked in a computer chip factory in the same community. He holds construction experience from a number of projects in Boston, including the Big Dig and a high-rise at Copley Square near Fenway Park.