Angelo Pone

IT Engineer, digital media, and video producer in Copenaghen, Danimarca

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I make short films and documentaries for art and artists, post production live video over social media and remote editing in Final Cut Pro or Premiere.

- Short Films and Documentaries for Art and Artists

My work includes project work from concept to final production - synopsis, script, shooting, cut and editing technique.

- Social Media Video Streaming Editor

Post production of video content for social media pages.

Recording , editing and live streaming at events, lectures, auctions, vernissage, and art installationer.

- Remote Editing

Do you shot raw footage of events, interviews, weddings, fantastic musical numbers, or takes for your short film or documentary w. music and graphics?

Would you like to edit it according to your own storyboard with the addition of titles and special effects but you do not have enough time for editing it?

All you need to do is just to upload all the files to my server and I'll take care of the rest under your direct remote supervision.


If you want to get in touch with me to require any further information it's very easy send me a message using the left first icon below or just SMS me at +4540300299.

Moreover feel free to visit one of your favorite social network using the last three social media site icons below, where I'm present.

Thank you for your attention to my request and thanks a lot to community for having obtained this opportunity, all of you are so kind too.

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