Angelo Ricchiuti

Angelo Ricchiuti is the creator of nonsolodesign. He studies and graduates in Design in Rome and in Milan at Politecnico. When he was still a student, he wins the third place at an ADI national contest. He works for prestigious Italian companies such as Ducati, which will be the subject of his thesis at university. He’s been working in Viterbo, Mantua and Milan as industrial designer for 8 years. In Milan he starts working as lighting engineer and develops contract products for fashion designers. During his activities he acquires good knowledge of marketing, communication, industrialization and production engineering skills. He works in the electrical household appliance field in Varese for companies such as Whirlpool. He cooperates with ONdesign company as product, illustration and packaging designer where he’s in charge of various projects relating consumer products for Oregon Scientific. He also works on projects for the following companies: Bontempi, Alcatel Mobile Phones, Cordivari, Lumson, Di Costa and Lisciani Giochi. He also designs and develops three products for Industrie Olivieri company. He ranks in the first ten competitors at the international Toshiba HDD Design Competition. He is also selected by the “Triennale” Exhibition for “The New Italian Design” project. He designs and develops 3 highly technological products for T-Quadro Spa company including the domotic control unit Ambient 360 and tactile switches.