Angelos Taplatzidis

Angelos Taplatzidis has a strong background in business development and B2B sales. He has worked for a range of medium - large sized organisations including Adobe, Avepoint, and SPG Media Ltd in positions within the sales department.

Angelos Taplatzidis is a strong communicator at all levels within the technology and business and sectors which allows him to create short and successful sales cycles. He also has strong listening and negotiation skills. Angelos has a degree in Psychology with a minor in HR management. He believes psychology has helped him to develop a consultative approach to sales and has improved his ability to prepare and understand strategic selling.

Angelos Taplatzidis consistently achieves quarterly revenue targets through uncovering business opportunities. He has achieved this through building strong relationships with a wide range of individuals across a broad spectrum of large companies.

Current Angelos works for Squiz UK, a web technology and online marketing company. The businesses professionals have the experience to identify high value joint points for delivering agile website and intranet projects. He is currently a consultant in the businsse's web experience team. Previously Angelos worked for AvePoint, Microsoft's largest software supplier for Sharepoint infrastructure management. He worked as an account manager for their enterprise software and provided consultative solution selling through motivation, strategic incentives, and scoping system requirements. Angelos has also worked for Adobe Systems, as part of the company's inside sales team. He specialised in new business development within the financial and government sectors.

Angelos Taplatzidis loves taking part in muay thai and swimming in his spare time. He also ahs a love for history, playing the guitar and watching horror flicks.