Felicia Sanchez

Writer in San Jacinto, California

In ancient times the art of writing or story telling was done phonetically, through art, hieroglyphics, scrolls, calligraphy etc., and then carried on for centuries to bring us to the outcome of today called ...history. Through this purposeful art of storytelling today, called a play; I write and direct theatrical plays that tell a story that commands "change" in the hearts of the people; a place that is seldom touched today via the media. My vision is to tell and bring to life everyday precious moments that are lost or missed because we are so caught up in "things" in life; and we as a society have now accepted these "intrusions" in every area of our lives as a normal part of our day. AOA Productions will make you see what you have "lost" and how insensitive you have become to the beauty's of life! Allow me to write on the tablets of your heart these life changing moments...so you can also pass them on to your loved ones as well...

I AM Felicia Sanchez, I AM a tablet writer, I AM a "World Changer" come, join me on stage in becoming a "World Changer" too...!!!

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    • Never ending assignments
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    • Graduated from the University of Adversity