Secret Angel

Mother, Ministry, and Abuse Awareness in the United States

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I am a former victim of abuse and domestic violence who is now reaching out to help others to overcome their situations by providing education and inspiration to see THE LIGHT that led me out of darkness. God rescued me from abuse--when I did not even know that I needed it. And what He did for me, He can do for anyone in need.

Secret Angel Ministry is the name of the ministry that I have started to reach out to victims of abuse with education and available resourses and includes a vision to one day in the future to be able to provide Secret Angel Safe Houses for those in immediate safety needs and also Secret Angel Transitional Houses for those who want to have their lives entirely transformed by the Grace of God.

I have written a book, The Walking Wounded, that talks about how abuse happens and how victims become trapped in their situations. It brings understanding to the plight of victims as I reveal my own true story, including how God intervened in my life and helped me.

All proceeds of The Walking Wounded and The Walking Wounded Participant's Manual go to the ministry to help victims of abuse.

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