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I am now 57, with 5 children ranging from 33 yrs old too just gone 14..My children are more than important to me,to the point my life has been devoted to them and before my own needs..Was very close to my dad, although an army man and very strict... I guess I was a bit of a rebel 😁I don't discriminate against any colour or creed.. We all have a life to lead regardless of who or what we are.. My education is mostly self learned after school as my family weren't well off but my thirst for knowledge is on going.. I co,owned a transport and specialist plant hire companies.. Due to the greed of the other co, owner no longer exist..I am very interested in many many things, one being " criminal minds" so I joined an online open university course,started writing papers on this subject but carried on for 10years as this interest,s still...

There's still so much I would love to see of this world ours..I love all seasons but autumn the colour changes are outstanding... Love and always have loved super car,s bikes,yachts & jets... (its the sound of power mwahahaha 😉)Wild life..Travel..Creamy things... LolSimple things like, picnic,s... Fine leather clothes/shoes/thigh high boots..Victorian style fitted suits.. Leggings,big baggy jumper,s.. Water/lighting/sun/snow/reflection,s.. My own time, as I think everyone needs time to themselves... Cuddles & being read too just to mention a few.. I am also known as Angel 😇 Hart..I guess I am complicated to understand by some But there,s so many sides to me..Every day is a learning curve in my eyes... 😊