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hi ,,,

ok pls dont follow if u id w kylo ren or Hannibal Lector sorry theres a lot of reasons for this

i have ddnos-1, bpd, dpd, avpd, ppd, and im on the autism spectrum

i might have stpd

spdrs triggr me

i use kins for coping please read about them please

PLEASE ASK 2 follow if we have the samekin (species is fine !!!)

ok so my species kins are:











timelord (i kno. listeeb. i kno ok)


and then my other kins are next up, but first off, these are my kins based from “high to low” so its like these are my strongest kins (i am this person)

Aiden (beyond: two souls)

luigi (mario) YES its FOCKING luigi dont call me ou,t

Ellie (TLOU)

Bucky Barnes (CA/marvel universe)

Frisk (UT)

mabel (gf)

zacharie (off)

peter parker/spiderman (marvel)

elsa (the alfred hitchcock show)

bb (fnaf)

touka (tg)

kenma (hq!!!)

nico di angelo (pjo/hoo)

max (krampus (yes im kin w someone from krampus i kno)

loki (thor)

r2d2 (sw)

the traveler (main char to journey)

haku (spirited away)

calcifer (howls moving castle)

these are my next set of kins (i feel strongly w/ this character/am almost this character):

kirby (kirby? the whole franchise)

toon link (tloz)

shion (no. 6)

red (transistor)

the transistor (transistor)

kageyama tobio (hq!!)

lee and/or clementine (twd: g) (this is rly vague ik im sorting it out but i feel them strongly and NO i am not claiming to be black or transracial)

bb-8 (sw)

fox mulder (x-files)

Asgore (ut)

mack (neko atsume)

chihiro (spirited away)

han solo (sw)

phoebe (american ultra)

kaneki ken (tg)

dana scully (x-files)

opal (su)

crona (se)

paprika (paprika)

wendy (the shining)

rich purnell (the martian)

kins that i thought were kins but are actually my evil headmates:

obi-wan kenobi (i refuse to acknowledge him fully bc i dont want him in my systtem even tho hes pretty nice)

jupiter (wktd) (shes kin w chloe price (lis) and leia organa (sw))

general hux (sw: tfa)

mike (american ultra)

if u want my full kin list dm me (might not share its not personal) once u read this abt dm me a pic of a polar bear pls