Angel Xu

This New York University freshman is anything but young. Currently in the middle of her first year at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, she already has an array of different experiences under her belt. She has past experience interning at Radikal/OK! Good Records and learned how to follow with new technologies in the industry, such as and online promotion. She has also worked as an A&R and music scout at, helping her develop a sense of what is the next big hit. She has also learned simple booking for small coffeehouses in high school, and donating the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity projects. She currently works for Seventeen Magazine as a Freshman 15 correspondent through vlogging, blogging, and writing for the magazine.

Her area of expertise ranges from music business endeavors, journalism, blogging, to promotion and management. She also has a background with Photoshop and simple web design. She also has past experience in concert photography and can also play piano herself.

She is a strong candidate for hire because she already has a vast background in several different industry positions and can pick up on new media and current culture and news very fast. She is a people-person and always in touch with what’s going on in the world.


Email for more information about past work from employers.