Erland Ang

Singapore - Manado

I found this website from a friend of mine. This is a great platform to introduce myself to the world.

I was born in a very small island called Ternate, located in an unpopular province "North Mollucas" of Indonesia. Due to riots with religion issues related in my hometown, my whole family has to migrate to our neighbor city i.e. Manado. After studying really hard from elementary until high school, I am lucky enough to continue my study in NTU Singapore, one of the best university in the world. Now I am working professionally as an engineer in Singapore.

I am passionate almost in everywhere, that is how I see myself. I have been on everyone's shoes before: top tier students, avid gamer, last man picked, role model, engineer, sibling, child, and many more. I have been doing many random things due to my countless interests. I love nature and that's why I prefer suburbs to cities. I love writing so much such that I hope my writings could inspire people on all over the world.

  • Work
    • Geotechnical Engineer, A wanna-be Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • NTU Singapore