Anger Management Online

Holland, Ohio, US

Anger Management Online TM provides flexible anger management online training to a variety of individuals. All of Anger Management Online TM courses are widely accepted by the courts, human resource departments and psychotherapists. Anger Management Online TM also offers anger management services via telephone or Skype. We also offer in-person anger management sessions. You do not need to be mandated to take the classes. Many individuals take the anger management classes for self improvement.

In business for over a decade since its founding by Kathy Garber, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the company provides students with instruction in accepting responsibility for their behavior, understanding their emotions, communicating effectively and much more. The book Stop Anger, Be Happy is used the in the class and was written by Kathy Garber. Garber's techniques involve showing you the proper way to be angry. She believes that anger is a normal emotion and it is not the emotion of anger that can get you into trouble, but rather the behavior you exhibit if you are not paying attention to your emotions.

Founder Kathy Garber works with many well-known personalities such as Dr. Phil, Jeremy Kyle, Father Alberto and the new show The Test to provide therapy care after their shows. Trained in Dr. Phil’s Lawlis Series, Garber brings over 20 years in both medical and mental health professions. She is dedicated to bringing quality anger management help to anyone in need.