Angga Nugraha

Being a "Web Developer", is a field that has been deepening since in high school then continue Studied IT at ARS International School - faculty of Informatics (2002 - 2007). Since then I began to focus with the lessons and the basic knowledge introduction to computers and transmitted by sharpening the knowledge in the field of web masters, which includes the analysis, design of work systems (workflows) web-based application to handle the technical problems of programming language and implementation directly. All web based (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript) I liked the way work neat, orderly, disciplined and structured, but still consider the balance and freedom in work and activity. I am more inclined to create a product that is simple, neat, stable and can be used for general (generic) so it can be used for all the computer users

concern: Design graphic and web development, also build plugins and themes for wordpress.