Angga Rieskiyanto


My name is Rizki, and I'm from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I'm studying Soil Science at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. I'm a graphic Designer and social Media strategist. Next month (September), i'll moving to new job (but still as Media Strategist).

In 2007, i started to break my wall and tried something different. But the environment didn't support my dream. I studied at some High School at Village (even the School is International School) but there's not so much support. So... i decided active as a volunteer in social movement since Senior High School make me build some social movement called "AnakLangit Foundation" for special children education in Indonesia. Alumni of some Leadership program in Indonesia (such as Green Leadership, Anti-Corruption Leadership program, and Young Leaders).

In 2009, I succeed to enter Gadjah Mada University, the #1 University in Indonesia as Soil Science Student. I choose a very uncommon major. In 2010, i also made my first steps towards Innovation, organization and entrepreneurship. I was start my fresh year to join a lot of organization. During 2011, i started my own project. Be a Manager Cafe for 1 years, Make some local business and start giving to other with active in volunteering. Even after a lot of trial and error, finally, i have been a leading part in some project and organization.

(*Passionate and emotionally attached in helping other and nature with some project. Active at social movement such as Book For Mountain, AnakLangit Foundation, Earth Hours, Forum Jogja Peduli, Future Leaders Party, Blood Call, Children Project, Japan Foundation, GaMaKita and other project.)

In 2013, start to enjoy to be a urbanfarmer
The urbanfarmer wannabe who wanna make some urbanfarming for green city. i can make a lot of verticulture, hidroponic and aquaponic type of system.

In 2014, For my final year at college, i start get some job and attracted to Media. I joined in Digital Agency and start focused on Media Strategist. There's some project such as Digital Communication, Media Planner, Graphic Designer, Media Buyer, Web Project Management, Social Media Analysis, etc. During this experience, i had the opportunity to work as a Digital Strategist until now.

And during that time (2014), With two friends, i also launched a web platform for indonesian tourism and traveler called "Journesia". We tried to build a better community platform for the better tourism

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