Angela Goodeve

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

You can live a happier life; a more prosperous life; and a more peaceful life than you can ever imagine!

Hi! My name is Angela (most people call me “Ang”). I have chosen to help you through Life Coaching so that you can realize your full potential; reach your goals; and overcome obstacles to living a truly abundant life! I have been on this journey myself for a number of years, and can tell you that by simply changing your thoughts and beliefs, you can change your life!

Achievement of your goals can be fun and effortless, and is always achievable!

Everyone has their own journey, their own goals, and their own methods that will lead down the path of happiness; peace; and abundance. I believe that YOU can achieve harmony; balance; and peace in your life! I will assist and guide you on your journey.

Whether you are just beginning your self-discovery, or feel that you need to refocus on your goals. I want to be here for you to support and encourage you for as little or as long as you need, wherever you are in the world!

Why did Ang become a Life Coach: A personal journey of growth:

I guess you can say that I have been striving for more happiness, peace, and prosperity my whole life, and have been very successful in my schooling and career. I completed college, went on to obtain a degree in psychology, and worked in a Social Services career for twelve years, during which time I was able to “climb the corporate ladder”. It also gave me the opportunity to work with and “coach” Clients from varied backgrounds, and at different stages of their lives.

I have worked with individuals with many “barriers”, including addictions, mental illness; was successful in my work with Colleagues and other Professionals in providing guidance and reaching consensus on complex issues; and have been told I have a “professional instinct”, particularly in identifying areas in need of improvement, and trouble-shooting solutions to these issues.

Throughout this time I was constantly working on being a good Mother, a good person, a successful business woman, and you can say I succeeded in all of these areas, but there was always something missing. I could only go so far, and never felt content, fully happy, or at peace with myself. I realize now that I was striving more to show others that I could be

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    • Life Coaching with Ang; Co-Founder-Energy of Yes
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    • Honors B.A.-Psychology