Anggun Dwi Kusumawati

Student and Volunteer in Indonesia

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Anggun Dwi Kusumawati. Indonesia.

20 yearold. Moslem.

Extraverted, Intuitive, Judging, Turbulent. Optimistic, Happy, Curious, Brave, Courageous.

Imaginatively Dreamy, Realistic.

I am majoring in Marketing and Commerce, Logistic of Oil and Gas, in STEM Akamigas.

International relations enthusiast, art and culture, oil and gas, political science, social science, petroleum engineering, organization, volunteering, sharing, social, social projects, energy, language, open minded, music, singing, knowledge, networks, friendship, collaboration, projects.

STEM Akamigas Student Executive Council on Social Service Section (2015/2016), STEM English Club Vice Leader (2015/2016)

Clubs and activities : Vyatra Dharma Lokananta STEM Akamigas Javanese culture club (Learn Gambyong dance and contemporer dances), Gita Vyatra Choir, Announcer/broadcaster in Vyatra Radio.

Volunteering and projects : STEM Mengajar as the teacher for 1st and 2nd graders elementary school students, News Reading Contest as secretary, STEM Sehat blood donor as Treasurer, English Debate Contest as MC and Event Committee, Vyatra Dharma Lokananta Festival Seni dan Budaya STEM Akamigas as the Event Committee.

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I am excited in project collaboration. Anything you need to know, feel free to ask and contact me. Thank You. 😊😄 .

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