Anggun Melati

Jakarta, Indonesia

A little girl with glazy eyes wrote in her pink diary, “Papa got me a microscope today”. Wrapped in a beautiful ruffled dress, she dreamed to be a chemist who wins a nobel prize, a doctor who heals millions, or a beauty queen who preaches for the earth.

Despite those few inches short that kept her out of beauty peagents, she is pretty enough to be on TV, and smart enough to be a scientist. She sold coal, wine, and cheap designs for a living. But, she was nothing but far from what she dreamt to be. Through the years, the only thing people recall of her is that she writes well.

One sunny day, she finally understood that it was just not meant to be. A little girl could only dream, but as destiny took its part, life could leads to another turn. If only she realized that if was not the microscope, or her ruffled princess dress! It was her pink diary - the first thing that gave her joy.

Then she became a writer.

  • Work
    • Copywriter
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science (Bio)