Angie Deaton

Attorney, Servant Leader, and Mother in Nashville, Tennessee

Angie Deaton

Attorney, Servant Leader, and Mother in Nashville, Tennessee

Hi I'm Angelica a native of Bogotá, Colombia and a resident of Nashville, Tennessee since 2015

Proud mother of a baby boy born on October 2016 .

I was looking for the purpose of my life for a long time then I realized that I already had a purpose which was fulfilling and made me grow as a person — My purpose is to help people. Wherever I go, however I can. It has made my life meaningful and allowed me to live a life with purpose.

Having been raised in Latin America, I had the opportunity to work closely with low-income and underprivileged communities, as legal coordinator of the human resettlement program in the cities of Armenia and Bogotá in Colombia. There, I had the opportunity of being exposed to different behaviors and dynamics within the groups I led and at the communities we attended; how they were organized, how they responded to their social as well as environmental issue needs.

In trying to maintain my exposure to human groups in need, I have actively sought out opportunities to continue my work wherever they are available. I have fulfilled these by working as a volunteer in different entities such the Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and USO.

In my career as a lawyer in Colombia, as well as my volunteering since my arrival in the U.S., I have been exposed, and been able to compare two very different systems, by virtue of first hand field experience in both countries.

Even though my work has changed, having had the opportunity to relocate to a different country, my career goals and my personal interests remain unchanged. As time passes, I remain ever more convinced of wanting to work in a medium that allows me to be a part of a community improvement and where I believe I could be part of the difference.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful boy, volunteering, photography and hiking .

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me onTwitterorFacebook.

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